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How to Use the PDIR Process for Essential Cleaning

For hotels and anyone in the hospitality industry, regular and efficient cleaning is a hugely important part of their daily and weekly routines. Both inside and outside the building, in rooms and in corridors, cleaning isn’t something that can be overlooked. The key is to have a process in place and one of the most effective is the PDIR process. But how does this help with essential cleaning functions?

In this article we look at how scrubber dryers, carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners and FloorPro cleaning agents can help when using the PIDR process to clean in a hospitality business.


What is the PDIR process?

The PDIR process is a four area process that covers all of the main cleaning requirements for hospitality businesses.  The letters stand for:

  • Preventative – removing dirt from the outside of the building to prevent it from being brought inside
  • Daily – regular daily routines to keep cleanliness at the required level
  • Interim – regular but less frequent jobs that prevent the need for intense, time consuming deep cleaning
  • Restorative – those periodic deep cleaning processes that are more thorough than other systems

Businesses will use all four parts of the PDIR process to have an effective cleaning system in place.  It also helps to reduce the time spent by staff on cleaning, allows for the clear allocation of resources and the best equipment for the job.

Preventive cleaning

The idea of preventive cleaning is to make sure outside areas are smart and clean to prevent guests and staff from bringing dirt and debris into the building as they come in.  It can reduce transported dirt by as much as two-thirds.

Key areas to consider are the pavements and parts of the road close to the entrance as well as entrance areas, driveways and car parks.  For some buildings, areas like patios and balconies will also be included.  By handling all of these different areas with the right cleaning processes, indoor cleaning is reduced.

Outside area: sweeping + high-pressure cleaning

The size of the area to clean will dictate the size of the sweeper used.  Small to medium areas can be cleaned with a push sweeper or a vacuum sweeper with traction drive (either petrol or diesel-powered or battery operated).  For larger areas, a ride-on sweeper with a large container volume and hydraulic high container emptying is best.

Stubborn stains such as moss, lichen and bird droppings can be removed with a high-pressure cleaner.

Entrance area: entrance mats + spot cleaning

Large mats should be located inside and outside the main entrance and cover at least four strides in either direction.  These catch and bind dirt and debris with bristles that are more abrasive outside and slightly softer inside.

An electric broom or manual cleaning equipment can be used to remove any spot cleaning issues on or around the mats.

Daily maintenance cleaning

Daily maintenance is the category of cleaning that takes place almost every day and ensures that customers and staff are in a safe and clean environment.  It also stops dirt and debris causing permanent damage by ensuring they are removed quickly.

Maintenance cleaning of textile floors

Textile floor coverings such as carpets and rugs are best cleaned with an upright brush-type vacuum cleaner.  The brush has a suction head with a separate motor that shakes the pile of the textile and removes dirt then sucks it straight into the vacuum cleaner.

Stains caused by things like coffee, tea or red wine can be removed with specialist cleaned such as Universal Stain Remover RM 769.

Maintenance cleaning of hard floors

Hard floors include things like tiles and linoleum where manual wiping systems are often popular.  But if the area covers more than 100 square metres, it is better to use a compact scrubber drier.  This ensures a deep clean where dirt is loosened and sucked up for a more hygienic finish.  A disc brush works on smooth floors while a roller brush is fine for rough surfaces.

FloorPro Wipe Care RM 780 is a perfect cleaning agent for these areas as it is low foam and reduces the risk of slipping after cleaning.

Intermediate cleaning

Intermediate cleaning doesn’t have as great a frequency but helps to reduce the big, time-intensive deep cleaning jobs.  The aim is to carry these cleaning tasks with minimal disruption to guests while working alongside daily cleaning tasks.

One-step method for hard floors

Hard and resilient floors can be best maintained with the one-step method.  This uses cleaning agents that are applied with a scrubber drier, the surface being scrubbed and debris loosened as this is applied then sucked away.  There are three things to consider when using this system:

  • The type of brush needed for the flooring type – roller or disc – depending on the surface
  • The correct brush or pad material – hard or soft – depending on the type of dirt
  • The right volume of cleaning agent needed for the amount of dirt involved

Roller systems are more efficient than discs due to the high level of contact pressure and speed.  They also have a self-cleaning function.

iCapsol method for textile floors

The iCapsol method uses roller technology and the iCapsol cleaning agent to best clean textile floors.  With the system, the cleaning agent is sprayed on and a contra-rotating roller machine is used to grab the dirt that the cleaning agent bonds to.  It has a drying time of around 30 minutes and leaves behind no residue.

Powder cleaning with an upright brush-type vacuum cleaner is another option.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is used when other processes have either failed or aren’t sufficient along with more intense jobs carried out periodically.

Spray extraction on carpets and upholsteryPuzzi 10/2 cleaning a hotel carpet

A spray extraction machine is used for deep cleaning carpets, rugs and textile floors.  The aim is to restore them to their original condition by using spry pressure to loosen dirt and suck it into the cleaner in one motion.  Floors are then rinsed and an upright brush-type cleaned used after completely dry.

This system can also work on upholstery and mattresses and can be followed with a fibre-protecting agent.

Scrubbing on hard floors

Scrubber driers are used for deep cleaning on hard floors when there’s a build-up of dirt.  A two-step method is used with the cleaning agents applied using a deep cleaner or similar machine and scrubbed from side to side.  Then the dirt is sucked up.  This works on surfaces such as linoleum and PVC and a protective coating can be added afterwards.

Scrubbing on wooden floors

If wooden floors become dirty and normal cleaning isn’t working, then a one-step method can work here.  The surfactant-free Universal Cleaner RM 770 is ideal for this and should be applied with a scrubber in the same direction as the wood grain.  Dirt is sucked up in the same process.  Once it is dry, wax or oil can be added to restore the surface and a scrubber with soft polishing brushes used.

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