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Our Industrial Carpet Extractors quickly remove dirt, stains, spills and dust from large carpeted areas. Carpet Cleaning machines undertake this operation by injecting water and cleaning chemical solution into the surface, to which the debris is then collected into a recovery tank.

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Professional carpet cleaners can help your business create a great first impression to your customers. Carpet cleaners can reduce the spread of bacteria in your workplace, remove stains, and ensure consistent cleanliness.

Find out how a carpet cleaner works, how to use one, and the benefits it offers your business.


What are carpet cleaners?

A carpet cleaner is a specialised cleaning machine that deep cleans carpets to tackle stubborn stains and dirt.A carpet cleaner can also be known as a carpet extractor or carpet shampooer.


How does a carpet cleaner work?

A carpet cleaner works by injecting a cleaning solution and water into the carpet and extracting the dirt. The carpet cleaners brush scrubs the carpet fibres to loosen stains, dander, and other debris.


What can you use carpet cleaners for?

You can use carpet cleaners on many different materials and areas including:


Obviously, you can clean carpets with your carpet cleaner whether it’s in the office or communal work areas.


You can use the carpet cleaner to refresh chairs, sofas, and curtains. This is a good idea for particularly high traffic areas such as staff rooms.

Vehicle interiors

You can use your carpet cleaner to clean vehicle fleets which can also become stained.


Check that whatever material the rug is, the carpet cleaner is compatible with before using on any rugs.


How to use a carpet cleaner

Using a carpet cleaner is easy and it can quickly cover large, carpeted areas. If you follow these steps, your carpet will look as good as new.


Remove furniture and any other obstacles from the space you want to clean first. This means everything is out of the way and you can get on with your job quickly.


Give the carpeted area a vacuum before you start to clean it. This will remove any surface dust and debris to ensure when it is cleaned, it will be done thoroughly.


If there are any areas which are particularly heavily stained, then these should be pre-treated with a cleaning solution beforehand and left for around five minutes.


Carpet cleaners are not suitable for all materials so check the instructions before using as it could damage some surfaces such as silk or leather.


Mix the appropriate carpet cleaning solution with water.


Clean the room in sections and start from one corner moving to the other at the furthest side of the room in a forward and backward motion.

This ensures you don’t step on any areas already cleaned and it makes the clean much more consistent.


Carpet cleaners will suck the moisture back out of the carpet, but it could still be a little damp.

Make sure it is completely dry before letting anyone stand on it.


After your carpet has dried, vacuum again to fluff up your carpet and have it looking as good as new.


Carpet cleaner features

It’s easy to use a carpet cleaner and some of the features make it even more intuitive to use.

Deep clean technology

Due to the water and cleaning agent being injected into the carpet fibres, it ensures a thorough clean.

Built-in heater

Some models can heat the cleaning solution and water before using to remove stains more effectively. Warm water is best for getting rid of stains.

Adjustable settings

You can customise your carpet cleaner based on the type of cleaning you are undertaking.

You can carry out maintenance cleans or deep cleans using your carpet cleaner.


There are different brushes that you can use depending on the type of cleaning or surface which makes it versatile to use on carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces.

Water tanks

Carpet cleaners can have different sized tanks but even the smallest allows you to clean longer without having to refill it frequently.


Some models will have an innovative filter design to provide a more effective clean.

Dry or wet

A professional vacuum cleaner can be used on both wet and dry dirt. This means you don’t have to wait for wet areas to dry before cleaning.


Each carpet cleaner will be designed to be as compact as possible to allow you to transport it easily and to get into corners.

Adjustable brush height

On some models the brush can be adjusted to your height to ensure the operator isn’t stooping to use it which could cause them discomfort, pain, or injury.


Some models will have storage areas for your accessories for quick access. This also helps to ensure the accessories aren’t lost.


Benefits of using a carpet cleaner

There are many benefits to using a carpet cleaner including:

Consistent cleanliness

Regularly performing a deep clean on your carpeted areas helps to reduce the spread of bacteria in your workplace.

It also helps your carpeted areas to look clean and tidy which makes a great impression to both staff and customers.

Extends carpet life

Regularly maintaining your carpet will help to reduce wear and tear and help it to last longer, giving you value for money.

Cost savings

Using a carpet cleaner can prolong the life of your carpet and avoids having to hire a professional cleaning service.


Buying a carpet cleaner means you don’t have to wait to get an appointment with a cleaning service. As soon as there are stains or marks on your carpet, you can have them cleaned to avoid your business looking uncared for.


Why buy refurbished carpet cleaners

Buying refurbished cleaning equipment can have a host of benefits for your business including:

Saving money

Refurbished carpet cleaners are often a fraction of the price of new models and with many businesses struggling with cashflow, this is a better option.


Buying refurbished carpet cleaners helps to reduce waste and support a circular economy.

More consumers are choosing sustainable companies and by showing your staff and customers that you are committed to sustainability, it can help attract new customers.

Quality cleaning machines

Kärcher Used Equipment refurbished carpet cleaners are meticulously inspected, repaired, and tested by our qualified engineers to ensure they function like they were new.

The only difference between them and a new machine could be some scraps or scratches.



All Kärcher Used Equipment refurbished carpet cleaners come with a warranty, so in the unlikely event that you do have any issues, we will replace or repair it to save you any stress, or cost.

Browse our range of professional carpet cleaners and start reaping the benefits of a cleaner and more cost-effective business.

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