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Buy used Kärcher refurbished floor scrubbers from our wide range of industrial, ride-on, pedestrian, and step-on floor Scrubber Dryers. With a Kärcher warranty and free delivery to mainland UK.

Our professionally refurbished Kärcher Scrubber Dryers are a perfect way to bring your commercial & industrial floor cleaning performance to peak perfection. Buying a fully refurbished scrubber dryer from Kärcher Used Equipment brings speedy floor cleaning and spotlessly shiny results. Economical, easy to use and top-performing – plus full warranty and training when you buy your used scrubber dryer from Kärcher.

  • Six Month Warranty

    Used Kärcher BD 17/5 C Stair Cleaner

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    £522.00 £626.40 inc. VAT

  • Six Month Warranty

    Used Kärcher BD 38/12 C BP Small/Medium Scrubber Dryer

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    £1,714.00 £2,056.80 inc. VAT

  • Six Month Warranty

    Used Kärcher B 40 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

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    £1,790.00 £2,148.00 inc. VAT

  • Six Month Warranty

    Used Kärcher B 95 RS Step-on Scrubber Dryer

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    £1,500.00 £1,800.00 inc. VAT

  • Six Month Warranty

    Used Kärcher B 95 RS Step-on Scrubber Dryer

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    £1,500.00 £1,800.00 inc. VAT

  • Six Month Warranty

    Used Kärcher B 95 RS Step-on Scrubber Dryer

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    £1,500.00 £1,800.00 inc. VAT

  • Six Month Warranty

    Used Kärcher B 90 R Classic Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

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    £3,500.00 £4,200.00 inc. VAT

  • Six Months Warranty

    Used Kärcher BD 80/100 W Classic Bp

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    £6,068.00 £7,281.60 inc. VAT

Refurbished floor scrubbers


Refurbished floor scrubbers can help you banish bacteria at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

But even with the cost-effectiveness of a refurbished floor scrubber, can they deliver the same results as new cleaning equipment?


What are refurbished floor scrubbers?

Refurbished floor scrubbers are cleaning equipment that has been previously owned but has been repaired to an almost-new condition.

At Kärcher Used all our professional cleaning equipment is refurbished by Kärcher engineers to ensure they are running as good as new again.


Types of refurbished floor scrubbers

The type of refurbished floor scrubber you choose will depend on the size of the space you want to clean. If the area is large, a ride-on floor scrubber will save you time. For smaller or more awkward areas a walk-behind floor scrubber is better.


Ride-on refurbished floor scrubber

A ride-on refurbished floor scrubber allows a member of staff to sit on the machine and cover expansive spaces.

They can be used for extended cleaning sessions and scrub, sweep, and dry instantly, allowing the space to be used again quickly.


Walk-behind refurbished floor scrubbers

A walk-behind refurbished floor scrubber is like using a vacuum. A member of staff needs to guide it manually.

They are ideal for obstructed, tight, or high traffic areas as they are easy to manoeuvre, and they are quiet.


How do industrial refurbished floor scrubbers work?

Refurbished floor scrubber machines work in the same way as brand-new floor cleaners.

They use brushes or pads to scrub the floor surface while squeegees and vacuums lifts away the dirty water.

This means the floor scrubber will simultaneously wash and dry the floor at a fraction of the time it would take to manually clean your floor.


How often should you use a floor scrubber?

How often you should use your floor scrubber depends on several factors.


Type of business

If your business, sees a lot of footfall then it could require daily scrubbing. Spaces such as shopping centres, hospitals, or schools all would require daily cleaning due to the volume of people.

In areas with less footfall, it may not need cleaned as often.


Level of dirt

Areas such as manufacturing or warehouses which have more dirt, debris, or spillages will need to be cleaned more regularly.


Floor type

Some flooring may require more frequent cleaning because of their texture and finish. For example, wood needs to be cleaned more often than tile or vinyl.


What types of floors do floor scrubbers clean?

Kärcher refurbished floor scrubbers can clean a wide range of flooring including:


Vinyl and linoleum

Vinyl and lino are lower maintenance floor types that can be easily cleaned with floor scrubbers.



If your businesses is a warehouse or manufacturing company, you may have a concrete floor as it is more robust.

Unfortunately, concrete can get dirty quickly, but a floor scrubber can catch the dust and debris with the squeegee and leave it clean again quickly.


Ceramic tiles and grout

A scrubber dryer floor cleaning machine can be used for tiles without damaging them. The scrubbers can be moved up or down to change the down pressure which means it can be adjusted for tiles.



Hardwood floors need to be sealed to be able to use a refurbished floor scrubber on them.

The vacuum will ensure no excess water is left behind that would potentially damage wooden flooring.


Natural stone

Stone including marble, granite, and limestone can be cleaned with a floor scrubber.

You must use a suitable cleaning solution that is specific for your type of stone to ensure there is no damage.


What is the best way to use a refurbished floor scrubber?

Prep the floor

Remove any large items of debris or obstacles that will prevent an even clean.


Choose the right brush or pad

Different floors require different pads or brushes. Harder brushes might be used for uneven surfaces, while soft pads might be better for smooth, polished floors.


Use the correct cleaning solution

Some types of flooring will need specialised cleaning solutions which can be purchased when you buy your machine through the Kärcher Used website.


Start at the furthest point

Work your way from the furthest area towards the exit to avoid walking on any freshly cleaned areas.


Maintain consistent speed

Guide the refurbished floor scrubber at a consistent speed to ensure the floor is cleaned evenly.


How long will your refurbished floor scrubber last?

The lifespan of your refurbished floor scrubber will depend on several factors including your usage and maintenance.

If your floor scrubber is used daily, then it may have a shorter lifespan than if it were used less.

If you regularly maintain your floor scrubber, it will ensure less wear and tear, avoid breakdowns, and last longer, giving you better value for money.

All our refurbished floor scrubbers are serviced before they are delivered to your business and if you do have any problems, we offer a warranty to replace or repair them, saving you hassle and cost.


Are refurbished floor scrubbers worth purchasing?

When considering purchasing a refurbished floor scrubber, you should think about the following:



The most obvious benefit with a refurbished floor scrubber, is that it costs a lot less than a new model.

You can get some of the latest models for a fraction of the price simply because they have been previously used.

Not only is the initial purchasing price attractive but using a cleaning machine can save you money in the long run by reducing infections, avoiding slips, and reducing the amount of cleaning chemicals needed.


Environmentally friendly

More consumers are choosing eco-friendly companies and choosing refurbished equipment is a simple and effective way of being sustainable.


Quality assurance

When you buy from a reputable brand like kärcher, you can have peace of mind that the quality is excellent, even on refurbished machines.


Warranty and Support

At Kärcher Used we offer a warranty to ensure if, in the unlikely event, you suffer any issues with your refurbished floor scrubber within the warranty period, we will replace or repair it.


Quick ROI

The initial cost is lower than buying a new piece of equipment, meaning you get a quicker return on investment.


Refurbished floor scrubbers can be an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for keeping your business clean.

Kärcher floor scrubbers can be used on a wide range of flooring and ensures your flooring lasts longer.

Browse our range of refurbished floor scrubbers and contact us for any information.


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