Refurbished Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Is your business in the market for a reliable industrial vacuum cleaner? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you work in construction, metal processing, food production or even the pharmaceutical industry, we have a range of options to choose from. What’s more, our refurbished industrial vacuum cleaners offer excellent cost savings without sacrificing quality or performance. That way, you can tackle tough cleaning jobs with ease – and for less.

Need help choosing the right machine for your needs? Explore the benefits of investing in a refurbished industrial vacuum, plus key insights into the different models we supply below.

What is an industrial vacuum cleaner?

At Kärcher Used Equipment, our refurbished industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks in factories, warehouses and other production settings. Their main purpose is to remove debris and dust from floors and machinery for health and safety reasons. This includes preventing fire and trip hazards, meeting hygiene standards and ensuring good air quality. Additionally, keeping machines clean can prolong their life and reduce repair costs.

With powerful suction and high capacity tanks, industrial vacuums clean large areas in short periods of time. They’re also more robust than household vacuums and offer extra features. Think high performance filtration systems, long flexible hoses and many different attachments.

What can refurbished industrial vacuums be used for?

With that in mind, our industrial vacuums serve various purposes, depending on the model. Some machines, such as the IVC 60/24 – 2 110V can be used for wet spills, as well as dry vacuuming. While others can be used to safely remove contaminants from hot surfaces.

Of course, most models are designed for dry cleaning only. But they are able to suction up bigger and sharper chunks of debris than standard vacuums. Plus very fine airborne particles produced during manufacturing that could prove dangerous if inhaled. Either way, you won’t have to worry about the filter clogging up – even when dealing with large amounts of dust!

A handful of our specialist refurbished industrial vacuums can also collect more hazardous materials. For instance, flammable liquids, chemical powders and very toxic substances like asbestos which must be removed with care. Machines built to handle these materials boast HEPA filters, self-cleaning systems and tear-proof collection bags for safe disposal of waste.

Here are just some of the substances industrial vacuums can remove from the workplace:


  • Metal processing – abrasive swarf, sharp shavings and lubricants
  • Food industry – flour, fat, oil and colourants
  • Pharmaceuticals – tablet residue/ liquid medicine spillages
  • Construction – cement, concrete dust, sand and stones
  • Wood/ furniture industry – flammable sawdust and sanding dust
  • Glass industry – fine, sharp abrasive dust and cooling fluid/ water
  • Textile processing – fibres and fluff that could pile up and clog machines


Dust extraction classes: which rating do I need?

When browsing our refurbished industrial vacuum cleaner range, you might have spotted ‘M’ and ‘H’ dust filter ratings. These relate different dust extraction classifications and you must bear these in mind when selecting a machine. This will ensure that you’re following COSHH legislation which requires you to protect your workforce from exposure to harmful substances.

The lowest class is ‘L’ which is assigned to standard vacuum cleaners. Machines with this rating can be used to collect small amounts of household dust, sand and chalky substances.

Meanwhile, an ‘M’ rating signifies moderately hazardous dust which poses a medium risk to human health. As such, machines suctioning up these substances must leak no more than 0.1% of the dust they collect. This includes fine metal dust, oil-based paint, mortar, lubricants, sawdust, food dust and more. And it is this filter that most of our industrial vacuums feature.

Then at the top end of the spectrum, you’ll find ‘H’ rated materials which are highly hazardous or even carcinogenic. Think asbestos, lead dust, fibreglass, silica dust from stone fabrication, mould spores and bacteria. Due to the risk these substances pose, your vacuum will need to seal in 99.995% of the dust it collects. Seeking a refurbished industrial vacuum of this calibre? Take a look at our ex-demo NT 30/1 Tact TE H 110V or the newer IVR 50/40 Sc (H) model.

On top of that, you’ll need to consider whether what you’re cleaning up is potentially explosive. If so, you’ll need one of our specialist IVM vacuums that can handle combustible materials safely, such as the IVM 40/12-1 H Z22.

Benefits of Kärcher refurbished industrial vacuum cleaners


Built with 40-100L tanks and powerful motors capable of running for lengthy periods, our refurbished industrial vacuums are highly efficient. You can quickly and effectively clean large surface areas like factory floors with one machine, saving valuable time and resources. And remove fine particles that are difficult to see and almost impossible to collect manually.

Additionally, our industrial vacuum cleaners can pick up larger pieces of debris without getting blocked. And some can separate wet and dry substances too for easier disposal. Other handy features include anti-static systems and overfill protection that turns the machine off once full.

Advanced filtration

When you shop at Kärcher Used, you can also expect your vacuum to be fitted with high performance filters. This could be modern flat pleated filters or optional HEPA class filters designed to seal in extremely fine dust and other allergens. Furthermore, most of our machines come with either semi or fully automatic filter cleaning systems for convenience. For example, the IVC 60/30 Tact² is fitted with our signature Tact² filter cleaning system. As such, your filters will be cleaned automatically every 15 seconds via an air jet to ensure best results.


Another advantage of our refurbished industrial vacuum cleaners is their durability and reliability. These machines are built to withstand prolonged use and the demands of industrial production environments. To do this, they boast robust components, puncture-proof wheels and sturdy shells, such as corrosion-resistant stainless steel. And we can also supply virtually impenetrable safety bags to keep dust fully contained for safer emptying as required.

Easy to manoeuvre

Despite being larger than household vacuums and having non-stop suction capabilities, our industrial vacuums handle surprisingly well. In fact, our IVC models are particularly compact and easy to manoeuvre between workspaces. And you’ll also find extra low machines with quieter motors, like the IVR 35-20-2 Sc Me – perfect for maintaining smaller workshops. And whichever you choose, our vacuums are straightforward to empty and some even have a tilting chassis. You’ll also benefit from longer hoses that rotate the full 360° to prevent tangling.

Keep costs down

Cheaper to purchase at the outset, our refurbished industrial vacuums are a popular choice for businesses working with tight budgets. Yet, you won’t have to compromise on quality. With the exception of some minor cosmetic marks, our ex-display and repaired models work just as well as new machines. And each one is checked by an expert engineer for extra reassurance.

On top of that, by keeping dust and accumulative dirt at bay, our industrial vacuums can help minimise wear and tear on machinery. This will lower your maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of your valuable assets in the long run. So it’s definitely worth having a browse!

Our refurbished industrial vacuum cleaner collection is updated regularly, so be sure to check our website for the best deals. Every model comes with 6 months warranty, free UK delivery and a complimentary product demo upon request. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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