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Refurbished scrubber dryers

We refurbish and sell a range of scrubber dryers including ride-on, pedestrian, and step-on floor models.

Scrubber dryers have rotating brushes that sweep the floor and a squeegee to wash the floor at the same time.

This ensures a more thorough clean to get rid of germs and protect customers and staff from infections.

It also takes half the time of first having to brush the floor manually and then mop it. This also means the area is available to use a lot quicker.


Refurbished floor sweepers

We have a wide range of used pedestrian and sit-on floor sweepers. They ensure the floor is swept to make a good impression on customers and staff.

The difference between a floor scrubber and a floor sweeper is that a floor scrubber uses a squeegee and a brush to sweep, wash, and dry the floor.

A floor sweeper only brushes the floor.


Refurbished Mini Road Sweepers

There’s a range of small and mini road sweepers that can be used on large car parks, shopping complexes, and industrial areas.

They use wet brushes to loosen dirt and bind dust before the sweeper then sucks the debris.

Some models have attachments to convert into a mower or snow blade giving you the flexibility to use all throughout the year.


Refurbished Industrial Pressure Washers

Choose from cold and hot water refurbished pressure washers to blast the dirt.

Industrial pressure washers only use water so there’s no chemicals needed which means less costs, storage, and procurement.

Plus, it’s better for environment and your employee’s health.

As pressure washers only use water, it can be used on most surfaces without damaging it.  They can also be used with detergents for tougher jobs.

Our pressure washers can be used for long periods because traction force is reduced on the trigger gun.

They’re also ergonomic and easy to use, allowing all members of staff to operate them.


Refurbished Professional Carpet Cleaners

Carpet extractors remove dirt, stains, spills, and dust on large, carpeted areas. They work by injecting water and cleaning chemical into the surface. The debris is then collected into a tank.


Refurbished Professional Vacuum Cleaners

We have a range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners that can handle all types of dirt. Designed for commercial use, you can rely on them to work when you need them.


Why choose Kärcher refurbished professional cleaning equipment?



We offer a warranty for all our refurbished cleaning equipment to give you peace of mind that if you do have any issues, we’ll deal with it.



We provide ongoing support if you have any queries or issues. Our expert staff will be on hand to help.



We provide on-site training when we deliver your cleaning equipment, so you don’t have to.



Each of our refurbished professional cleaning equipment is inspected by Kärcher engineers to ensure they work to the best of their ability.



We offer free delivery to anywhere in mainland UK.


Check out our range of used cleaning equipment and start improving your business.

Or contact us for more information.

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