Kärcher Refurbished Professional Steam Cleaners Buying Guide

In the market for a commercial steam cleaner for your business but don't want to break the bank? Then opting for a restored or ex-display model makes a lot of sense.

Steam cleaning a tiled floor

Kärcher Used supplies refurbished professional steam cleaners which offer high-quality performance at a fraction of the cost of new machines. Keen to learn more? Explore their many uses and benefits, plus tips for choosing the right model for your needs in this handy buyer’s guide.

What is the purpose of a professional steam cleaner?

Our refurbished commercial steam cleaners are designed to efficiently clean and disinfect surfaces through the power of steam. This includes breaking down dirt, grease and stains on contact, no matter how stubborn. The steam also removes germs and 99.99% of enveloped viruses, including influenza and coronavirus – ideal where high levels of cleanliness are vital.

Additionally, professional steam cleaners can lift grime from hard to reach areas, crevices and grooved surfaces. This makes them ideal for preserving the cleanliness and appearance of kitchen and gym equipment, bathroom surfaces, floor/ wall tiles, poolside areas and more.

As well as being a more hygienic alternative to manual cleaning tools, steam cleaners save time and money. They eliminate the need to scrub tough dirt by hand and instead loosen it with ease ready for rinsing or wiping away. You won’t even need to use chemical cleaning products. In fact, our refurbished steam cleaners are proven to be just as effective using only water. As such, they’re relatively cheap to run and more eco-friendly than traditional methods.

What can refurbished commercial steam cleaners sanitise?

  • Hard surfaces – including countertops, bathroom pottery, stainless steel surfaces, tiles, shower cubicles, stone and PVC flooring, kitchen cabinets, stovetops and equipment, etc. This can be done using either an adjustable spotlight nozzle or a hand tool for small or vertical surfaces. Meanwhile, floor nozzles with bristles are great for dislodging dried-on dirt, while slatted floor tools lift dirt from smooth surfaces.


  • Glass – from windows to mirrors and shower screens, you can use your steamer to lightly steam glass surfaces. Use at a distance of around 50cm to remove residue safely, even in lower temperatures. Then rinse and wipe dry wipe with a lint-free cloth.


  • Crevices – struggling to remove dust and debris from tight grooves or corners? Then the spotlight nozzle allows for pinpoint treatment of trapped grime. As such, it will blast out built-up dirt around windows, on stair edges, tile joints and in equipment seams.


  • Fabrics – our refurbished steam cleaners can also be used to freshen up and remove creases from curtains without removing them. On top of that, they can be used to clean upholstery and carpets, provided the fabric can be treated with water.

Would my business benefit from a refurbished steam cleaner?

Refurbished professional steam cleaners are especially beneficial for work environments that must meet strict hygiene standards. For example, hospitals and care homes, hotels (subject to both public and professional scrutiny), gyms, labs and all types of commercial kitchens. But they can help just about any business to improve and speed up their cleaning regimes.

Better still, by opting for a refurbished model, you can make your budget go further without compromising on quality. The price you pay will depend on the grade of the machine (there may be minimal cosmetic damage) and any additional accessories. However, you could save over 50% on a fully serviced commercial steam cleaner, fitted with new parts if necessary!

How to choose the best professional steam cleaner for you

When it comes to choosing a refurbished steam cleaner, there are several things to consider.

Power and performance

In professional settings, you’ll want a machine with high steam temperature and variable pressure output for different areas. At Kärcher Used, you’ll find powerful 4-8 bar steam pressure models that reach temperatures of up to 145°C. These are fully adjustable and ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

On top of that, if your steam cleaner will be getting a lot of use, it must be durable and reliable. At Kärcher Used, all of our machines tested and repaired (if needed) before sale. They’re also fitted with robust components designed to withstand the rigours of regular commercial cleaning. And we also offer a 6 month warranty on all models as standard.

Practicality/ ease of use

Despite their effectiveness, our refurbished professional steam cleaners are relatively compact and easy to manoeuvre around offices, warehouses, kitchens and more. Additionally, our commercial models have larger water tanks to allow for longer cleaning sessions without interruptions.

Some even have a two-tank system that enables water to heat up more quickly – like the SG 4/4 Steam Cleaner. This can also be refilled continuously for lengthy projects, as the boiler is in a separate compartment. Meanwhile a portable, space-saving model like the SG 4/2 Classic is perfect for mobile cleaners, hospitality businesses and smaller tasks.

Range of accessories

You should also factor in the attachments and accessories that come with each steam cleaner. Different surfaces require different cleaning tools and each model has its own range of brushes, nozzles, squeegees and more.

Need to reach high areas? An extendable steam arm will provide more flexibility. Meanwhile, a small hand tool with terry cloth cover is ideal for washable surfaces. Whatever the case, pick a machine with the key tools you’ll need. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend extra down the line.

Advanced features

Finally, depending on the scope of the cleaning task, you may be looking for a machine with some advanced features. One of the most useful is adjustable saturation. Many of our refurbished steam cleaners have a VapoHydro feature that lets you to alter saturation level. This means you can turn your steam jet into a hot water jet for rinsing away dirt in bathrooms.

Or if you need to dry the surface you’re cleaning fast, you may prefer a combination steam vacuum cleaner. For instance, the self-cleaning SGV 8/5 with impressive 8-bar pressure and suctioning feature linked to an integrated grey water tank. With this, you can cleanse a surface and remove leftover liquid straight away. Great for preventing slips on wet tiles, for example.

Browse refurbished steam cleaners now at Kärcher Used

Ready to get your hands on a budget friendly refurbished steam cleaner for commercial use? Then explore our ever-expanding range online to find a model that suits your business needs. Still not sure which one to go for? Give us a call on 01295 752 190 for expert support.

Once you’ve found what you’re after, we can also provide free UK delivery within 7 days. Plus courtesy product training to get you started – just let us know if you’d like us to arrange this.

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