Kärcher Refurbished Professional Cleaning Equipment

Kärcher have launched our refurbished professional cleaning equipment to provide businesses with the latest commercial cleaning machines but at a low price.
Find out the benefit of purchasing used cleaning equipment and how it can improve your business.

What Does Refurbished Cleaning Equipment Mean?

Refurbished industrial cleaning machines means it has been preowned and have been repaired to be almost as good as new.

Refurbished items can mean they were display items, returned without being used, or used for a period of time.

They may have small blemishes on them but otherwise they will be returned to as good as new condition, and you get them for a fraction of the original price.

At Kärcher Used Equipment, our engineers refurbish every piece of cleaning equipment and test it to ensure it is working as efficiently as a new machine.

B 150 floor scrubber in a shopping centre

Benefits of Refurbished Industrial Cleaning Equipment

There are many benefits of purchasing refurbished cleaning equipment.



Reconditioned Kärcher cleaning equipment is a fraction of the price of a brand-new model. Cashflow can be an issue for many businesses and buying second hand cleaning machines can allow you to invest in cleaning equipment without struggling to cover the cost.


Eco friendly

Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and are choosing to purchase from eco friendly businesses.

By purchasing used equipment, you are showing your customers and potential customers, that you care about your impact on the planet.

This can improve your reputation and attract more customers.



We are on hand to answer any queries or deal with any issues you may have to ensure you don’t have the hassle of dealing with it yourself.


High spec

Our refurbished professional cleaning equipment is designed for commercial use and have higher specifications than domestic machines.

Buying used, means you can get the latest cleaning tech for a reduced price.



We provide training to all your staff when we deliver your used cleaning equipment. This ensures everyone knows how to operate the machines properly and it saves you time having to train staff.


Kärcher Warranty

We offer a warranty with our refurbished commercial cleaning equipment to ensure you have peace of mind and show how confident we are in our machines.

Types of refurbished cleaning equipment for sale

What cleaning equipment you need will depend on your business but investing in at least one piece of cleaning machinery can significantly save time compared to manual cleaning and save you money too.

Kärcher Used Equipment is a trading name of Kärcher UK Ltd

We offer a wide range of used, refurbished professional cleaning equipment such as refurbished scrubber dryers and refurbished floor sweepers.

Kärcher UK Ltd

Registered Office: Kärcher UK Ltd, Kärcher House, Brookhill Way, Banbury, OX16 3ED

Company Number:

Value added tax ID number:
GB 294 2363 45


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