5 Things to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Floor Sweeper

Own a factory, sports facility or even a car park? Then a high-quality floor sweeper is a great way to maintain its cleanliness. Not only can they cover large spaces much faster than hand-brushing, but they’re also more effective and reduce dust production. The only problem is that with so many models available, narrowing down the options can be overwhelming.

KM 85/50 R sweeping a tennis court

With that in mind, we’ve created this handy guide to help simplify your search. From coverage to ease of use, discover the key things to consider before ordering one of our refurbished floor sweepers.

1.  Coverage area

The first element to factor in is the size of the area you’ll be cleaning with your commercial floor sweeper. This will help you determine whether a ride-on or walk-behind model will be most appropriate for the task. For example, compact push-along floor sweepers are cost-effective from 200m2, saving significant time and effort versus using a broom. They are ideal for removing leaves and other loose debris from courtyards, hallways and paths. They’re also easy to transport to different areas and over steps, and fold to take up less storage space.

Meanwhile, ride-on vacuum floor sweepers cover larger commercial spaces of 1200m2 and upwards much faster. You can use them more longer without having to empty their waste containers which range from 40-500L! And you can even lift the brush while driving, then lower it when you’re ready to start to reduce wear. Finally, at the top end of the scale, our powerful industrial machines cover up to a huge 18,000m2! Think building sites, processing plants etc.

In relation to coverage, you’ll also need to take into account filtration performance over certain surface areas. This is typically highest in hard-wearing industrial models. Plus battery life – especially if you’re after a refurbished floor sweeper for indoor use. The reason for this is that these factors affect each machine’s continuous runtime and thus, cleaning efficiency.

2.  Environment & surface type

Next up, is the environment, surface and type of debris you’re looking to sweep. Many of our motorised floor sweeping machines have adjustable speeds and interchangeable brushes. For example, soft brushes to treat smooth indoor surfaces and hard brushes to remove stubborn dirt on concrete and asphalt. Some even offer automatically adapting height settings for uneven surfaces. Or the ability to decrease sweeping pressure for more delicate flooring.

In addition, you can get specialist machines suited to particular tasks. This includes those with suction systems that draw in fine dust that may be harmful if breathed in. And models that are designed to collect larger debris like gravel, industrial waste and even discarded drinks cans. On top of that, you’ll need to consider noise levels if cleaning a workspace with staff in situ.

For instance, the Kärcher KM 75/40 W Bp can pick up bulk waste, yet is quiet enough to use during working hours. Meanwhile, KM 125/ 130 ride-on sweepers boast Tact filters for dust-free cleaning and they can also negotiate high kerbs. Then there’s our refurbished industrial floor sweepers which are designed to cope with coarse dirt, extreme dust and sharp factory floors. And we can even supply protective cabs for outdoor use too.

3.  Power source

The environment you’ll be treating will also have an impact on the type of power source you should go for. At Kärcher Used, we supply battery operated refurbished commercial floor sweepers, as well as petrol, diesel and LPG-fuelled models.

Battery powered models are usually quieter and ideal for indoor use given their zero-emissions operation. They may be fitted with an electric suction fan, or the entire machine may run on rechargeable batteries. However, they tend to be less powerful than petrol and diesel models and have shorter runtimes. Petrol and diesel floor sweepers also have better hill climbing abilities. But they can only be used outdoors or in extremely well-ventilated areas.

Alternatively, you could opt for an LPG model instead with low CO₂ emissions – suitable for tough indoor or outdoor applications. Or, if you’ve only a small area to cover, a manual push floor sweeper may be sufficient. The KM 70/20 C, for example, sweeps 7 times faster than a broom, while guaranteeing consistent results and minimal dust. No power source needed!

4.  User friendliness

Another thing to bear in mind is how easy your preferred floor sweeper is to operate. At Kärcher Used, our sweeping machines have straightforward controls, colour coded brushes and accessible filters for necessary maintenance. The roller brushes are simple to swap out when treating different surfaces. Likewise, you can adjust the speed at the flick of a switch.

Many of our walk-behind floor sweepers also feature electric roller brushes to make pushing easier. Meanwhile, our ride-on machines offer good viewpoints, adjustable driver’s seats and easy-to-empty waste containers. In fact, some are even controlled by a built-in hydraulic system which negates the need for manual lifting all together. There’s even space to carry extra tools that might come in useful, such as litter pickers and spare waste containers.

Other user-friendly features to look out for include power steering, impact-protection bars and swivelling side brushes. These enable effective cleaning of corners, but can also be pulled in as needed to avoid obstructions. Additionally, we offer a number of compact refurbished floor sweepers. These range of lawnmower-sized walk-behind models to slimline ride-on machines. These are designed to fit through standard doorways so you can easily move between rooms.

5.  Value for money

The best value commercial floor sweepers offer an excellent balance of affordability and durability. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Kärcher Used. Each of our refurbished floor sweepers are made with robust plastic shells and hard-wearing components to withstand regular, heavy-duty cleaning. Many also have a relatively wide cleaning path to sweep large areas in as little time as possible. Plus, powerful motors, filters and suction fans that can handle tough debris – and high volumes of it!

In other words, you’ll get all the benefits of a new professional floor sweeping machine. Yet, as they are either used or refurbished, you won’t have to pay nearly as much. Better still, you can rest assured that every model is serviced and repaired by experienced Kärcher technicians. As such, each one is supplied in full working order with 6 months’ warranty for reassurance.

Find reliable refurbished floor sweepers at Kärcher Used Equipment

From budget-friendly, ergonomic walk-behind floor sweepers to convenient ride-on vacuum models and specialist industrial machines, we’ve got you covered. Browse our full range of refurbished floor sweepers online and be sure to check back regularly to view new stock.

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