A Guide to Refurbished Commercial Dry Ice Cleaning Machines

Commercial dry ice cleaning machines are quickly gaining momentum in industries that require thorough precision cleaning. This is particularly true where water-based treatments or the use of harsh chemicals isn’t appropriate. In fact, companies across various sectors are now utilising the power of dry ice, from automotive to food processing and pharmaceutical.

ice blaster cleaning in the food industry

However, for many businesses, purchasing a brand new machine may be too costly. Which is where Kärcher’s refurbished dry ice cleaning machines come into play. Read on to learn all about how they work, what surfaces they can treat and the many advantages they offer.

What are dry ice cleaning machines and how do they work?

Dry ice cleaning machines are innovative tools that use compressed air to propel small pellets of solid carbon dioxide onto surfaces at high speeds to clean them. The pellets are dispensed through a hose and directed onto the area being treated using a nozzle. As the dry ice comes into contact with the surface, it undergoes a process called sublimation. In other words, the CO2 converts directly from a solid to a gas, without leaving behind any residue to clean up.

The dry ice blasting process is non-damaging and non-toxic. Yet the high velocity delivery and very cold temperature (-79°C) is enough to dislodge surface contaminants. As such, there’s no need to scrub off unwanted substances or treat them with chemicals. Instead, our refurbished dry ice cleaning machines effortlessly break dirt apart and loosen its grip, so it can be swept away with ease. This makes them faster and safer than many traditional cleaning methods.

What can Kärcher’s refurbished dry ice blasters be used for?

Dry ice blasters are extremely versatile and can be used to treat a multitude of surfaces. This includes metal, plastic, rubber, brickwork and even electrical components. There are several reasons for this. Namely, that these machines don’t produce or leave any moisture behind. And they’re also much gentler and less messy than more abrasive sandblasting techniques.

Additionally, the pressure and volume of the dry ice produced can be adjusted to suit different tasks. As a result, our refurbished dry ice cleaning machines can safely lift dust and grease off delicate and treated surfaces. Or turned up to a much higher setting to effectively remove stubborn crusted-on dirt, rust and paint from hard surfaces. The possibilities are endless!

With that said, if you’re in need of inspiration, some of the most popular applications include:

  • Industrial cleaning – cleaning grease and built-up dirt off machinery, electronic equipment, production lines and moulds, including surfaces in hard to reach areas.
  • Food and beverage production – blasting oil, grease, flour buildup and burnt-on grime off ovens, fryers and other cooking equipment without leaving toxins behind.
  • Automotive industry – cleaning engine components, alloys, seals and even interiors. As well as for removing rust from the underside of vehicles and polishing up metal.
  • Plastic and packaging industry – removing silicone, rubber, dyes and paints from injection moulds, machines and conveyor belts to maintain high quality results.
  • Restoration projects – dry cleaning soot, smoke damage, mould and other contaminants from fire-damaged buildings, valuable items and historical artifacts.
  • Local authorities – lifting graffiti and dried-on chewing gum from walls, benches and other areas with minimal effort, and without damaging the surface beneath.

The benefits of using a refurbished dry ice cleaning machine

Think a refurbished dry ice cleaning machine might be just what you’re after? Read on to explore some of the key advantages they offer and why they’re worth the investment.

Fast and efficient cleaning

Given how quickly the dry ice is expelled and that the machine does the hard work for you, ice blasting is undoubtedly more efficient than manual methods. You don’t have to pre-treat surfaces beforehand, dismantle machinery or scrub it clean after treatment. The nozzle will eject dry ice at speed into tight spaces and grooves, so you can simply sweep away the dirt. As a result, cleaning times can be cut by at least half, with significantly less labour required.

No secondary waste to clear up

As dry ice pellets evaporate upon contact, there’s no chemical residue left behind. Due to this, this is a safe and eco-friendly alternative for tough cleaning jobs. You don’t even need to worry about cleaning up traces of flammable or toxic substances before using your equipment again. And in the case of food production, there will be no unpleasant smells to deal with either.

Gentle on surfaces

Unlike abrasive sandblasting, dry ice blasting is non-damaging to surfaces. In fact, the solid CO2 pellets are much less dense and have a similar hardness to chalk, so won’t leave scratch marks. Likewise, as there is no scrubbing or scraping involved in removing the dirt, any paint and surface finishes will remain intact. (Unless you’re deliberately stripping them).

Highly adaptable

As mentioned, our refurbished dry ice cleaning machines can be used to clean a host of different surface materials. This includes everything from lightly soiled textiles through to welding slag, caked-on grease and even asphalt. All you need to do is adjust the pressure to suit the surface’s hardness, and the extent of the grime.

Excellent cost savings

While new dry ice blasting machines often come with a hefty price tag, refurbished models offer the same durability and performance at a fraction of the cost. This can be particularly beneficial for small businesses or those operating on a tight budget. Better still, each machine undergoes rigorous testing prior to sale, with worn or damaged parts replaced if necessary.

Professional-grade features

When you buy a commercial dry ice blaster from Kärcher Used, you’ll benefit from plenty of handy features. These range from insulated nozzles to prevent freezing to straightforward push-button ice emptying, condensation drains, variable flow controls and on-board storage. Not to mention robust components, sturdy wheels and carry handles for easy transportation.

Which Kärcher dry ice cleaning machine is right for you?

When choosing a refurbished dry ice cleaning machine for your business, you’ll need to consider its capacity, tools, pressure settings and more. To get you started, here’s a brief summary of the professional models that we currently offer and their unique features.

IB 15/120

First up is the IB 15/120, which is able to disperse up to 120kg of dry ice pellets per hour. This, along with its high pressure settings and relatively wide nozzle make it ideal for treating large areas and heavily soiled surfaces. Additionally, this machine handles exceptionally well over uneven ground and you can rely on it for frequent cleaning tasks. However, you will need to connect it to a large industrial air compressor to make the most of its high-powered blasting.

IB 7/40

Alternatively, the IB 7/40 works in much the same way, but it can be connected to a smaller compressed air supply. On top of that, the slimmer design is easy to move between sites and store away, and it has a finer nozzle which is ideal for detailing work. You can even upgrade to the Advanced model to receive a jet gun with built-in pressure and volume adjuster. That way, you can adapt your cleaning technique without having to be beside the machine at all times.

IB 10/8 LSP

Finally, we have the IB 10/8 LSP with a one-of-a-kind integrated dry ice production system. In most cases, solid CO2 pellets are produced separately, then transported and decanted into the machine as needed. But as the ice must be fresh, this can prove problematic at short notice.

With that in mind, Kärcher designed the IB 10/8 LSP which can make pellets from a liquid CO2 cannister on demand. This machine also uses very little compressed air compared to other models. As such, it is perfect for smaller businesses, and those that typically have less frequent and lighter cleaning tasks to tackle.

If we’ve piqued your interest, why not browse the full range of refurbished dry ice cleaning machines on our website? Or give us a call to discuss your options with a member of our knowledgeable team. With free delivery to mainland UK addresses, complimentary product training and 6 month’s warranty on every machine, you can rely on Kärcher Used.

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