Want to improve the appearance of your floors and create a great first impression as soon as customers enter your premises? Or perhaps you’d like to cut down cleaning time and protect against scuffs in high traffic areas? Whatever the case, if you want to keep your floors in great condition, you’re in the right place. Our high-performing refurbished single disc machines will help you do just that with minimal effort – and without blowing your budget. Learn more below.

What are single disc machines and what are they used for?

Featuring a rotating disc at the base, our professional single disc machines are highly versatile electric tools used to scrub, buff and even strip floors. You may have also heard them referred to as refurbished floor polishing machines. They are commonly employed in commercial spaces, like offices, schools and hospitals, where high foot traffic causes lots of wear and tear.

Machines are equipped with pads (soft/coarse) or brush attachments, and all you need to do is switch them to suit the task. Then guide the machine over the area that needs treating and let the high speed rotations do the hard work. That may involve lifting stains and engrained dirt that has proven difficult to remove by hand. Or polishing floors to restore the shine on well-worn areas. You can even use single disc machines to sand off old wax ready for a new coat.

What surfaces can Kärcher refurbished floor polishing machines treat?

Where you can safely use your refurbished single disc machine depends on the pad you use and your model’s RPM. In other words, you’ll need to factor in speed and level of hardness in order to avoid accidental damage. But, provided you follow the instructions, floor polishers can treat numerous surfaces, including concrete, stone, lino, parquet, tiles and even carpets.

What is RPM in relation to commercial single disc machines?

RPM (or Revolutions Per Minute) measures the rotational speed of single disc machines and other motorised tools. For reference, floor polishers have a higher RPM than those used for cleaning and scrubbing – typically at least 400 RPM. And burnishers are even more powerful (around 4 times faster) to create a high-sheen finish on durable, sealed floors. However, for general maintenance cleans in commercial settings, 150 RPM is usually more than enough.

The advantages of refurbished floor polishing machines

As well as being multipurpose tools that serve a variety of functions, our refurbished single disc floor machines boast additional benefits. Here are some of the key ones to bear in mind:

Saves time and effort vs manual methods

If you have a large surface area to clean – like in a supermarket or warehouse – brushing and mopping could take a while. Additionally, in kitchens and healthcare settings where hygiene is paramount, deep cleans call for a lot of elbow grease. Then there’s the time-consuming and fiddly job of applying wax to consider. On the other hand, using an appropriate machine could reduce cleaning time significantly and provide better results, with little manual effort required.

You can also switch up the settings and add a different product to the dispensing tank for the polishing stage. Many single disc machines can be used for carpet cleaning too, which is much more effective than vacuuming only.

Keeps floors looking their best for longer

On top of their cleaning capabilities, using a refurbished floor polishing machine consistently can help to protect your floors going forward. In fact, polished floors are less susceptible to scratches and scuff marks left by shoes. They also effectively repel grime, dust and stains, while featuring an attractive, glossy finish that isn’t slippery. All of this is especially useful in entryways and other busy areas, and reduces the need to deep clean your floors as often.

Compact and quiet enough for working areas

Don’t have space to store a sit-on floor scrubber? Or perhaps you have a lot of furniture or equipment to work around? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that our single disc machines have a relatively small disc head and a slimline body for great manoeuvrability. Additionally, the cleaning pads and brushes go right to the edge of the disc to ensure every inch is treated. And, despite their impressive rotational speed, each model emits as little noise as possible. As a result, you can use them in workplaces during business hours without causing disruption.

Professional technology at affordable prices

When it comes to cleaning commercial settings and maintaining their aesthetic appeal, having the right tools makes all the difference. However, many small business owners and those working to tight budgets worry about the associated costs. With that in mind, opting for a refurbished single disc machine from Kärcher could be the answer.

These models are either ex-display items or those that have been repaired and restored to full working order. And each one comes with 6 month warranty for extra peace of mind. This way, you can benefit from pro features like sturdy metal gears, built-in spray nozzles, dust guards and height adjusters. Plus clever spring-mounted driver plates that adapt effortlessly to uneven surfaces – all for half the price of a new machine! It really is a win win situation.

Choosing the right refurbished single disc machine for you

Now we’ve outlined the reasons to invest in a single disc floor cleaning machine, let’s take a look at your options. First up is the entry level BDS 43/ Orbital C, which combines both orbital and rotary motions for optimum cleaning. Ideal for furnished spaces with narrow walkways, this compact model can be used for scrubbing, polishing and more.

You can even set it up in reverse mode to increase the brush pressure and tackle stubborn dirt. Just add water, detergent and your chosen pad and you’re good to go. There’s also a spray model available which automatically distributes detergent for easier carpet cleaning.

Alternatively, you could go for the robust BDS 43/150C Classic with a powerful motor that offers up to 150 RPM. Suitable for a range of tasks, you can use it with pads or brushes as desired. And even attach a suction unit to the integrated power outlet to collect dust if sanding.

Meanwhile, if a powerful yet mobile refurbished floor polishing machine is top of your list, how about the BDP 43/400C? Boasting a lightweight design with large wheels, this model is easy to transport – even up the stairs. It’s also remarkably quiet given its durable 400 RPM motor.

But if your main aim is to create an ultra-glossy finish, the BDP 50/1500C floor polisher is the obvious choice. Designed to buff up floors quickly and effectively, this popular model is high-powered yet easy to use. In fact, there’s a built-in feature to prevent you drifting off course – especially handy when using the highest setting. This machine also collects dust as you work to minimise mess and folds down to save space when not in use. What more could you want?

Keen to find out more? Browse our latest range of refurbished single disc machines and floor polishers online now to see what’s available. Or contact us for tailored advice and we’ll help you pick the best model for your business needs. We can also arrange free delivery to business premises throughout the UK and complimentary product demos as needed. Just ask!

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