Why Choose a Kärcher Refurbished Industrial Pressure Washer?

When it comes to industrial cleaning, having the right equipment is essential to both efficiency and effectiveness. Pressure washers, for example, vary greatly in terms of size, strength and durability – vital in commercial settings. So which one is best for your company’s needs?

If you’re thinking of buying a Kärcher refurbished industrial pressure washer and you’re not sure where to start, look no further. This post covers everything you need to know. From the types we supply to their primary uses and the benefits you can look forward to, let’s dive in…

HDS trailer pressure washer on a construction site

What are industrial pressure washers used for?

Industrial pressure washers are powerful tools that can be used for an array of different cleaning tasks. These heavy-duty machines work by generating high-pressure water streams to lift dirt and grime from hard surfaces – including stubborn stains. They are especially useful for covering large areas, making the cleaning process much faster and less labour intensive.

Because of this, pressure washers are commonly used for cleaning sizeable floor areas in warehouses and other commercial premises. They’re also great for washing down muddy agricultural equipment, cleansing oily workshop floors, degreasing machinery and keeping manufacturing and medical facilities hygienic. In addition, pressure washers are used by car dealerships for detailing work, and in construction for preparing surfaces for painting.

You can even adjust the pressure and spray pattern on your machine to suit the task. And if you go for a fully portable model, you won’t be restricted by power and water connections.

How do commercial and domestic machines differ?

Wondering whether you need an industrial pressure washer for your business? Although commercial and domestic machines may look similar – especially smaller models – there are some key differences to take into account.

Firstly, is their durability and build quality. Industrial models are built to endure frequent use for extended periods of time. With that in mind, they are generally constructed using more robust materials and components. For instance, Kärcher commercial pressure washers feature stainless steel pumps instead of plastic ones, so they won’t wear out if used every day. Likewise, we incorporate durable hoses and strong connectors to withstand lots of flexing.

Secondly, our refurbished industrial pressure washers are designed for more intensive and often lengthy cleaning tasks. As such, they are more powerful, run for longer and boast larger water tanks. This allows them to tackle tough stains in a shorter amount of time and on a bigger scale. You can even upgrade to a hot water pressure washer for quicker disinfecting.

On top of that, professional pressure washers come with additional features and accessories tailored to commercial applications. These include longer hoses, different nozzles for various cleaning tasks, adjustable pressure settings and sturdy wheels for better manoeuvrability. At Kärcher, we’ve also patented a soft-grip, EASY!Force trigger to prevent muscle fatigue when operating our machines for long periods. Try it and you won’t want to use anything else!

Kärcher industrial pressure washer classifications

Overwhelmed by the numerous options available? Here’s a brief breakdown of our machine classes to help you determine the right type of industrial pressure washer for you:

  • Portable – this range includes our smallest mobile machines with built-in carry handles. Their lightweight design means they can used on the go and at height.


  • Compact – easy to transport, entry-level pressure washers ideal for almost daily use. Good for workshops, small courtyards, garages and small cleaning businesses.


  • Middleclass – run longer and can be used daily to clean large/ hard to reach areas. Great for machinery, equipment and vehicles, as well as factories and warehouses.


  • Superclass – robust machines for continuous cleaning in areas with stubborn dirt. Commonly used in the building trade and agricultural settings that get extremely grimy.


  • Combustion – powerful cleaners that run on fuel versus electric. Great if there is no power outlet nearby but require lots of ventilation – often used on construction sites.


  • Trailer – large self-sufficient pressure washers that have both water and fuel on board for jobs in remote locations. Designed to be mounted on or towed by a vehicle.


  • Special class – high performance cleaners with advanced features for specific tasks (e.g. greater pressure for tough grime removal/ larger water tanks for two-lance jobs). These are a top pick for hospitals, commercial kitchens and food manufacturing sites.

Hot vs cold water pressure washers: Which is best?

Next up, you’ll need to decide whether you want a hot or cold water model. Traditional pressure washers utilise cold water blasts to easily dislodge dirt and grime. These machines are highly effective, offer greater mobility and are more affordable to buy and run. Some can even draw water from bowsers and lakes for easy refilling wherever you’re working. And others come with brush attachments for safe scrubbing of solar panels and glass surfaces.

With that said, hot water pressure washers are undoubtedly worth the investment in certain cases. Designed to heat water to around 80°C, these innovative cleaners enable you to wash surfaces using less pressure. This makes them ideal for disinfecting more sensitive flooring materials and machinery, and gives extra reassurance where hygiene is paramount. This is due to the hot water’s ability to minimise bacteria and melt grease and oil for easier removal.

Of course, this additional feature does mean a higher upfront price, as well as increased running costs. However, the time you’ll save could balance out these costs considerably.

Get the best value with a refurbished industrial pressure washer

Speaking of cost, purchasing a refurbished industrial pressure washer is a great way to make your money go further. At Kärcher Used, our experts test and repair second-hand models for re-use. As a result, you could get a good-as-new machine for less than half the original price!

The compact Kärcher HD 4/8 Pressure Washer is one of our bestsellers. This cold water upright model is lightweight and easy to move around, yet still produces an impressive amount of pressure. Simply connect to a water and power supply to generate 400L of high-power water per hour. And don’t worry, the trigger gun requires minimal traction, so should be comfortable to use for as long as required. There’s also a pressure-relief system to protect the hydraulic components under heavy use, meaning fewer repair bills for you!

Alternatively, for bigger, more frequent sanitising tasks, the Kärcher Touchless High Pressure Washer AP 100/50 M is a great option. This hi-tech machine includes a rotating lance with variable pressure settings, a built-in water tank and an automatic detergent dosing system. As such, you can apply a sudsy foam cleaner prior to rinsing for increased germ-killing action.

There’s even a wet and dry attachment and grey water tank, so you can suction up the dirty water if there’s no drain. This makes it ideal for cleansing toilet blocks, shower rooms and changing areas, while preventing slips and mould buildup. This all-in-one cleaner is also great for food prep areas and medical facilities that must adhere to strict hygiene guidelines.

Sound good? Order your preferred model now to clean your company premises, vehicles and equipment in record time, with minimal effort. We deliver items free of charge to mainland UK addresses and we’ll also throw in 6 month’s warranty for extra peace of mind.

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