Kärcher Refurbished Warranty Programme

Whenever you invest in refurbished cleaning equipment, it is a good idea to check if it comes with a warranty.
A warranty can give you peace of mind that should you have any issues, the business will help you to get it fixed without extra charge.
Find out what the Kärcher Used Equipment warranty program for our refurbished professional cleaning machines covers and how it helps your business.

What does equipment warranty mean?

A warranty is a written guarantee that is given to the buyer which promises to repair or replace the item within a certain period.


Why is a warranty given?

A warranty is given to buyers to ensure they have peace of mind that the item they are buying will be replaced or repaired if anything goes wrong with it.

It means the buyer is not out of pocket after investing in an item.


The benefits of a warranty for the seller

A warranty isn’t just beneficial to the buyer, it also helps the company in several ways.


Shows confidence

For the company giving the warranty, it is beneficial because it shows how confident the business is that the buyer won’t have any issues with their product.

A business must have confidence in its product or service to offer a warranty otherwise they would be out of pocket if items kept being replaced or repaired at their expense.


Customer service

It also shows that the business wants to provide a good customer service experience. It is important to the business to ensure their customers are satisfied with their products otherwise it could harm their reputation and sales.


Feedback loop

For the seller, it also means there is a feedback loop, so any recurrent issues are identified and can be improved.


The benefits of a warranty for the buyer

There are many benefits of a warranty for the buyer including:


Significant cost savings

Refurbished cleaning equipment can allow businesses to purchase the latest cleaning machines at a fraction of the cost.

The reduction in price is not a reflection on the quality of the product. The items may have been preowned but after being refurbished by our Kärcher engineers, they are almost as good as new.

With a warranty, you know that you can avoid repair costs if you do have any issues. It also means protection against inflation, so if the cost of parts or labour rises in the future, a warranty can protect you from these increases for covered repairs.



Refurbished can often make buyers feel that the quality is lower, but this is not the case.

Parts with wear and tear are replaced and all of our equipment is serviced before being delivered.


Peace of mind

When you are given a warranty with a product, you have peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong, you will not be out of pocket.

You also have peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, you won’t have the hassle of having to deal with it. You can simply contact us, and it will be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, so you don’t suffer any delays.


Consumer rights

Warranties are a part of consumer protection laws. They ensure consumers get what they paid for and have protection if quality standards aren’t met.


What does the Kärcher Used Equipment warranty cover?

Warranties or guarantees are based on a similar concept, but each one can differ depending on the business.

At Kärcher Used, we offer a comprehensive warranty policy for all our refurbished items purchased through our website.

Our warranty includes:

  • Any structural damage in the first 7 days will be exchanged.
  • Any mechanical or electrical faults within 14 days will be exchanged.
  • A 6-month parts and labour warranty which can be extended for a further 6 to 12 months or even 24 months on A-Grade units by purchasing an extended warranty.


The small print

  • Any items that are resold will not be covered by the warranty.
  • If you ship a product outside the UK, the warranty will be void.
  • The cleaning equipment supplied as warranty replacements will be covered by the remainder of the original warranty.


A warranty gives the buyer peace of mind that they are investing in a product that is of a high-quality.

It means they won’t be out of pocket if anything goes wrong with the product within a certain period.

A warranty is also beneficial to the seller as it allows them to show they are confident that their products are of a high standard and it’s unlikely there will be issues with it.


Kärcher Used Equipment warranty

At Kärcher Used Equipment we provide a warranty with all our refurbished cleaning equipment because we know we can stand behind them.

For more information on our warranty, contact us today.

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We offer a wide range of used, refurbished professional cleaning equipment such as refurbished scrubber dryers and refurbished floor sweepers.

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